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Buy Your Gmail PVA Accounts in Bulk for Business

Nowadays, a lot of people buy Gmail PVA accounts for their businesses. Similarly, a lot of people have questions in their mind, why do they purchase these Gmail accounts? Why not create your own account? Why we need to buy Gmail accounts. If people buy then what is the benefit of buying and not creating their own accounts. Let’s learn about all these questions.

Gmail PVA Account is actually a phone verified Google mail account. Normally, we have one or two personal Gmail accounts. We use these accounts for lot of common purposes like

Sending messages
Sharing files and documents
Creating other accounts like social media accounts normally

Google is everywhere in the internet world so how it’s products can be limited. There are a lot of benefits and usages of its products. Gmail is also very useful for personal and specially for business use.

Can We create our own Gmail PVA Account?

Definitely, we can create our own Gmail PVA account. It is not any difficult job to create our own account but the problem is quantity in bulk. As they are phone verified accounts so no one has phone numbers and IP addresses in bulk to create bulk accounts.

What is the Phone verification Process?

Phone verification is a process in which the server sends a pin code on the phone number of the user while creating a phone verified Gmail account so that they can check whether the user has access to phone number or not. If a user enters that code correctly then they pass him from verification and now his account is marked as Gmail PVA Account.

Why is a PVA Account necessary?

1.We can create Google accounts without phone verification but if we have a verified account then we can get the following benefits.

2.We can use PVA accounts for marketing purposes like Google Ads etc.

3.They are used to create accounts in applications like Facebook, Instagram and twitter etc.

4. They avoid us from captcha filling

5.They are considered verified so they are long lasting and risk free.

6.Highly secure

7.Business Compatibility

8.Backup facility

9.Cloud and Drive storage

While knowing about Gmail, we should raise a question: why only google mail service? Why not other mail accounts like Hotmail, yahoo etc. Let’s learn about why we should use Google services.

Why Should You Use Gmail accounts?

Google is a top used brand and search engine. People trust their products because they facilitate their users with a lot of their features. Let’s learn about the best features of buying Gmail PVA Accounts.

Bulk Messaging service

We can send messages and important files using Gmail messaging service. It is a common feature that almost everyone uses. Mostly, people create Google mail accounts for this purpose.

AI Based Responses

With the advancement of technology, every business is using Artificial Intelligence in their products. How Google cannot be as fast as other businesses are doing. It is using a highly programmed AI based bot with all products including their Gmail PVA Accounts as well.

We can set automated responses based on AI bots. It is a revolutionary feature adopted by google. As a business owner, we should be aware of this core feature and must utilize this feature.

Scheduling Your Messages

Gmail PVA Account gives us functionality for scheduling our messages. We can upload all our messages and file and set their sending time. Once their time comes, they will be automatically sent. It saves a lot of time as a business holder.

Important Emails Notification system

Google mail has a feature of social, primary and important email. They send notification for all important emails so that we can timely check them and respond accordingly. We also have the option to mute other or selected mails.

Expiry date for deleting emails

From last year's update, now we have an option to mark files and messages and set their expiry date. They will be automatically deleted after their expiry date.

Set Gmail as Offline

From the last few months, we can enable our Gmail account for synchronized mails. We can get notifications even when we are offline. Normally, this option doesn’t work but once we enable it then it works for specific emails. It is the core feature you can get in your Gmail PVA Account.

Security of Gmail PVA Accounts

Google does everything for its user security. They make sure our data is 100% secure. We have a lot of options to set up regarding our privacy and security.

Google Drive Storage

Every Gmail PVA account has its 15 GB storage as a Google drive. Google drive is also a full product that we can only get by having a verified google mail account. It has lot of features like:

We can store files like docs, pdf, audios, videos, images and zip files securely.

We can again download our files

We can share our files but just sending a link

We can set permissions for users who can open our shared link and who cannot.

We can get downloadable link for selling our files into our website

We can create doc files, slides and google sheets like MS-Office

Even if we are technical then we can host our websites also in our google drive

Social Accounts Creation Using Gmail PVA Account

We can use these accounts for creating our own social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn etc. These accounts also ask for verification so it is necessary to have verified Gmail accounts.

Why Should You Buy Gmail PVA Accounts in Bulk?

Till now, we have learnt that we need a phone number and an IP address for creating a verified Gmail account. We cannot have phone numbers and Ips in bulk to create bulk accounts. As we cannot create them on our own so there is a need to buy them from any trusted buyers. No one can be more trusted than buygmailpvaaccounts.com.

Why Do We Need These Accounts in Bulk?

As we all know, Gmail PVA Accounts are used for a lot of purposes like running PPC campaigns, creating social media profiles and sending bulk emails for email marketing purposes. We cannot do all these things using one account because businesses need a lot of traffic so a lot of accounts are needed.

Now we have learnt about why they are necessary, what are their benefits, how they are created and for what purpose we can use them. But an important question is still left, which is from where we can buy them? Is there any trusted supplier who can sell these accounts? What Payment methods are required to buy them? How are they supplied after purchase? How to check whether accounts are right or not?

From now to onward, we will try to learn about all these things because before being clear about everything we will not be able to buy 100% trusted and useful accounts

How to Buy Gmail PVA Accounts in Bulk?

As this is an era of the internet so we can get anything that we need. There are a lot of companies like buygmailpvaaccounts.com who are selling these types of products in bulk. They have stock of near about 5k to 10k accounts but if anyone has ordered more than 10k then they demand time of near about one week for new accounts creation and verification process.

There are a lot of suppliers and sellers but finding a trusted one is difficult. buygmailpvaaccounts.com is a 100% trusted platform where anyone can buy these accounts.

How to check if companies are trusted or not?

There are a lot of criteria to find trusted companies but here are a few key points that you should consider while purchasing Gmail PVA Accounts from anyone.

They should have their own website.

They should have verified international payment methods like Bitcoin and PayPal

They will give you option to change backup email

They will give you money back guarantee

They will give you support for specified time

They will ask you to change login credentials

What Payment Methods are used to buy Gmail accounts

Mostly, Payment methods are famous country wise but there are few payment methods that are useful internationally. PayPal was one the top payment method previously. But due to cryptocurrency and trading Bitcoin is nowadays number 1 international payment method that is internationally available.

Bitcoin is not even available everywhere but it is very secure and easy to use for everyone. Gulf and European countries launched ATM machines for Bitcoin payment withdrawal purposes. It is spreading very fast in Asian countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, China etc.

Another problem for Asian people is how they will withdraw payments from Bitcoin. There are a lot of legal options like they can go to currency exchange for payments, even they can sell their Bitcoins to anyone who is purchasing for trading or business purposes.

But my recommended method for bitcoin is withdraw payment using CashMaal. CashMaal is also very cheap, secure and an easy to use platform where you just need to create an account within a few steps and then you can connect your Bitcoin account and transfer your payment into your bank account.

If as a country who don’t have PayPal and want to own their PayPal then they can either buy from anyone or if they have any friend in European or American Countries then they can ask him to create an account for them. This is the method you can use PayPal as well for your business or for buying bulk Gmail PVA Accounts.

How These Gmail Accounts are Supplied?

When you place an order for buying bulk Gmail PVA Accounts, the supplier sends you an email within 48 hours. That email may contain a text file or any MS-Excel sheet in which they send you login credentials of all of your purchased accounts along with their id. After getting that email, it is your duty to instantly check them whether they are workable or not.

In short, we have learnt in detail about Gmail PVA Accounts and what their usage is. We nearly covered every necessary thing regarding buying Gmail Accounts. If you still want suggestions for buying your Gmail PVA Accounts in bulk then buygmailpvaaccounts.com is an excellent choice for you. Best of luck and Take care.

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